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Hi all! I'm Lisa and my partner in crime is Julien! We have both been in the restaurant industry for over 2 decades and love to cook and create. We travel often and and enjoy anything to do with the great outdoors. We are the couple that will follow a dog down several blocks in a strange city, just for a hello and a belly rub!

Our Happy Place

We are in the middle of the woods in the Québec Laurentians with our 2 pups who live a healthy and active lifestyle alongside us.

Why did we start Pablo et Mila?

French bulldogs are known to be sensitive and Pablo and Mila are no exception. They have a myriad of food allergies and we could never give them just any kind of treat without looking at the ingredient list first. So many dog treats on the market today contain ingredients we can barely pronounce or unnecessary preservatives and artificial flavours. This is what ultimately led us to create these limited ingredient, organic ice cream treats that in moderation, can truly be a healthy snack for your precious fur baby!

Only the best, most natural ingredients!

Dogs have a difficult time digesting dairy which is why we use the best lactose-free whey in the market with the added benefit of probiotics for a healthy gut! The gelatin used in all Pablo & Mila ice cream is 100% grass-fed, pasture raised beef gelatin. It is natural, safe and free from any preservatives or additives. It is also sustainably sourced, gluten and dairy-free and promotes healthy skin and fur, improves joint function, reduces joint pain and even aids in improving digestion.